The Wizard of Oz – A Family Film Exemplary

The film starts in highly contrasting with a homestead. Dorothy has numerous more established siblings that assistance on the ranch. A neighbor tragically has come to gather Dorothy’s canine, Toto since she feels that he is a threat to society despite the fact that he has never chomped anybody. Toto gets away from his enclosure and runs back home. Dorothy tracks down him and chooses to take off. A tempest is coming and Dorothy chooses to return home. Her family has proactively secured themselves in the storm cellar and can’t hear her asking so as a twister raises a ruckus around town trash hits Dorothy in the head which thumps her oblivious. She dreams she is inside the twister, which drops the house in another world. She emerges from the house just to see a universe of variety.

She before long figures out that the house arrived on a witch. This makes the whole town exceptionally blissful since she had pestered them for a really long time. Dorothy asks the towns individuals how to return to Kansas. Nobody had known about Kansas thus they send her to 토토사이트 see the Wizard of Oz. To arrive she should follow the yellow block street. On the way, she finds a panic crow and unfastens him. He chooses to join her on her excursion so he can ask the wizard for a mind. They likewise view as a man made of tin that has rusted. They oil him up and he also chooses to go along with them so he can ask the wizard for a heart. Then, at that point, they happen upon a lion whose bark is more regrettable than his chomp. He concedes that he frantically needs some mental fortitude and chooses to go see the wizard too.

At the point when they can see the Emerald City where 토토사이트 the Wizard is, the departed witch’s sister covers the land with poppies, a kind of bloom that makes it lights-out time for them all. Will they at any point awaken? Does the Wizard has any idea where Kansas is? Watch and find out.